This year Ukrainians will become poorer by 10% because of inflation and USD decline rate. Experts advise Ukrainians to save money in UAH.

Summer months bring Ukrainians unpleasant surprise – prices hike. Only food prices raised by 3.5-12%. Prices for nonfoods and services are also increased. Government’s assurance that prices will not be more than by 7.5% causes distrust of people.

According to former Finance Minister Viktor Pinzenyk, current inflation rate is the highest one for last seven years. Pinzenyk considers that main reason of uncontrolled situation is unsophisticated economic policy of new Cabinet, in particular in grain sphere.

According to chairman of NBU Olexander Savchenko, incomes of citizens are small but their growth rates are high –minimum 20% per year. Government must provide conditions for people to spend money not only in consumer field but to make long term investments (deposit in bank, nongovernmental pension funds, life insurance).

Independent experts forecast incomes and money savings will be devalued minimum by 10%.


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