Prime Minster of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych charged vice Prime Ministers Viktor Rybak and Andriy Kluev with preparation of fuel-energy complex and housing and communal services for winter. The Forum’s correspondent reports.

Besides, Yanukovych emphasized the necessity to hold the joint ministry board with the participation of heads of enterprises and departments. “It is necessary to listen to reports of some regions, about which we have some worries,” he noted.

The PM claimed that in the nearest time the following questions should be considered: accumulation of coal at the thermal power plants, accumulation of gas at gas storages, graphs of storages, current repairs at blocks of thermal power plants, and State tariff policy.

Besides, the Prime Minister charged first vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Mykola Azarov together with the Ministry of Finance to examine every enterprise in order to know how they fulfill finance plans.

Yanukovych also asked the Ministers to prepare the proposition of salaries and pensions rise according to the budget.


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