Idea on cancellation of People’s deputies benefits is good but not in time and not professional. This idea is interesting but has no legal grounds. One of the BYuT leaders Mykola Tomenko said that in an interview.

Tomenko promises BYuT's support in OU struggle against People’s deputies benefits, in case of systematic resolution of this problem. “This idea is not professional and not in time. The matter is that many politicians and officials have such a habit to speak about benefits cancellation during election campaign and to forget about it after elections. In case the President’s Secretariat, that is mainly “Our Ukraine”, wants to solve this problem systematically, then we can do it together,” he said.

Tomenko also noted that idea of voluntary refuse of OU from the people’s deputies benefits have no legal consequences. “You can sign as many applications as you want, but according to the Constitution you still have a right to use these benefits even if you do not want them," he said.

Tomenko also commented on so called social TV advertising. “I consider attempt to exchange party advertising by social one is unacceptable. I warn both the President and the PR. At first they tried to present their political advertising as social. The difference is that social advertising is free of charge. After our remarks PR and then the President improved,” he stressed.


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