For today the lifting of tanks, which were overturned as a result of accident near village Ozhydov, Lviv region, has been finished. Head of the Ministry of Emergency situations Nestor Shufrych informed.

According to him, 14 tanks are in the gondola cars, and the 15th is being examined at the moment. As the Minister informed “special train is being formed for the shipment to Kazakhstan. The decision was made that it would be a single train, from two sides it would be accompanied with two fire trains. Till tomorrow it must depart in the direction of Russian border for the further shipment to the Kazaks plant-producer”.

Also the Minister said that phosphorus was not revealed in blood of injured firemen and medical workers, who were giving the first aid. “It means that the products of phosphorus burning, which influence health, didn’t contain such concentration, which could lead to serious health worsening,” Shufrych noted.


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