Cabinet of Ukraine approved regulations of its activity by resolution №950 from July 18. Text of corresponding resolution with Yanukovych’s signature is publicized on Government web site.

The Government charged Justice Ministry to make propositions concerning correspondence of cabinet acts to approved regulations.

Regulations consist of 16 parts. In particular this document regulates basis of Cabinet and Government committees work, Government sessions, and procedures of program development of Cabinet activity. The document also regulates draft bill activity of government, preparation procedure of draft acts of the President of Ukraine and also legal acts and PM charges fulfillment.

Moreover regulations foresee order of Cabinet authorities in connections with executive power, state economic unions, enterprises, in connections to the President, NSDC, advisory and other services, created by the President.

The document also regulates Cabinet authorities in relations with the VRU and its bodies, judicial power and foreign judicial authorities, with National Bank and PGO of Ukraine, local authorities and public.


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