Maryna Stavniychuk, President Viktor Yushchenko’s deputy chief of staff and representative to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Central Election Commission, hopes the Constitutional Court will soon be effective again, president's press office reported.

“The Constitutional Court of Ukraine is the only body of constitutional jurisdiction and has the authority to interpret the country’s constitution and rule on the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of governmental decisions. So it is principally important that its rulings should be objective, politically neutral and based on the experience and moral authority of its judges,” she said.

Stavniychuk said President Yushchenko, as guarantor of the constitution, would spare no effort to reinforce the Constitutional Court and ensureit restores its high status and reputation.

“The Constitutional Court of Ukraine is working in very difficult conditions. Its justices should produce their rulings …relying on the constitution which contains lots of contradictions. The desire by some political forces to determine its rulings in their office makes the situation even worse.”

She said this had led to the Verkhovna Rada refusing to swear in the judges of the Constitutional Court for no particular reason. The judges have repeatedly claimed they work under enormous pressure since they were sworn in. No surprise, the Constitutional Court has produced only six rulings over the past several months and three of them are illegal, she added.This has undermined the nation’s trust in the Constitutional Court.

Stavniychuk, however, said the Constitutional Court worked much better now. She called onUkraine’s president, cabinet and parliament to renew the people's trustin the Constitutional Court.


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