At the moment the State Budget of Ukraine is absolutely misbalanced. Inflation rate is quite furious in Ukraine. That’s what people’s deputy of the V convocation Pavlo Zhebrivsky said to the Razom site.

“We have fixed the inflation rate at 2,2 % in June this year. Usually the inflation rate in June is 0 % “, he noted. “The indices predicted by the Economy Ministry will be exceeded considerably by the end of the year,” he said “The government does not know how to cope with price hikes on oil products, agrarian products and foodstuffs. The government does not know how to provide social expenses. It could not prevent highhandedness of the Tender Chamber that had blocked any kind of investment into Ukraine’s economy. It means that the government can’t rule financial resources of the country”, Pavlo Zhebrivsky said. “The next government will work hard. We enter the electoral process with such “achievements”. It will be necessary to take many efforts to drag Ukraine out of economic collapse,” he stressed


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