According to Yulia Tymoshenko assignment, regional BYuT organizations of Lviv, Zakarpattya and Rivne areas sent to the residents of villages, suffering from environmental disaster in Lviv area, 200 tons of drinking water, Yulia Tymoshenko press service reported.

In particular, leader of Rivne regional BYuT electoral staff Sergiy Koshyn told that BYuT members could not stand aside the misfortune and immediately began finding any possibility to help people.

"If government is unable to provide people with necessary things, the society should offer the help. Also I am ashamed of those businessmen who after raised prices for mineral water after the disaster, in order to get rich on the misfortune of people", - he underlined.

In addition, Gorokhiv district BYuT electoral staff formed a committee of volunteers, which will liquidate the disaster consequences in Gorokhiv district.

As it is known, not far from Ozhidov village 15 cars with yellow phosphorus got off the track, six of which caught fire. As a result phosphorus vapors made harm to the nearby villages habitants and poisoned the land.

On Thursday Ozhidov village chairman appealed "to all people of good will" with a request to help sufferings residents with clear drinking water.


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