Deputy head of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Bondar refutes information of Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky that Ukraine had no right to check wagons with phosphorus from Kazakhstan. He said that today at a press conference, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Statement of Rudkovsky does not correspond to reality, as in accordance with instructions on dangerous freight transportation, it was necessary to check wagons condition at the boundary,” he said.

Moreover, Bondar declared that phosphorus can fires itself at the temperature higher than 30 Celsius degree, that’s why in summer time in day time phosphorus cant be transported. “That day temperature on rails was 54 Celsius degree, air temperature comprised 37 Celsius degree,” he noted.

Moreover, according to transportation regulations, there must be two escorted persons for each wagon with dangerous freight to control pressure and condition of freight. “There was only one person from Kazakh side, so he could not check tanks condition alone," he said.

He also said that such dangerous freight must be delivered at night; in day time wagons are put in special place where they are watered to be cold.


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