Today the People’s Self-Defense movement leader Yury Lutsenko gave press conference. Answering the journalist question whether “Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc supports BYuT’s initiative to hold referendum on September 30, Lutsenko said: “BYuT is our closest political partner, so we support all initiatives of our partners. But despite Tymoshenko’s explanation work on this or that basis of constitutional reform, we will collect signatures of people for cancellation of People’s deputy immunity. We just will fix people’s wish that’s already well-known. People’s deputy immunity is a key in solving problems in Ukraine. Unless we cancel this corruption magnet, the parliament will have people who want to hide their dirty business. We must do everything possible to change political culture in Ukraine.”

“I deny Yanukovych’s statements concerning populism. It is reluctance of Government to fulfill the laws. I would like to remind Mr. Yanukovych that his government increased borrowings by USD 100 million in 2006-2007. He borrowed abroad about USD 100 million, at that he did not pay people salaries of hundreds of million dollars.

Lutsenko gave some examples of ineffectiveness Yanukovych’s work, in particular his election campaign promise to decrease gas price and housing and communal services. It turned out to be visa verse. Another example is that Yanukovych companion – head of the VR of Crimea bought a car for 1.2 million UAH. It is nothing but today government claims that there is no money for social payments.

That’s why it is necessary not to speak about populism but to stop corruption prevalence. Formula is clear. It is necessary to loot less then there will be money in Ukraine.


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