BYuT initiates referendum on September 30 concerning changes to the Constitution. Yulia Tymoshenko said that today at a press conference.

According to her, National referendum must be held together with the early parliamentary elections.

She considers nine issues must be submitted at referendum. In particular these questions must concern governing form in Ukraine, election and resignation of judges by people, extension of rights of local authorities, granting of constitutional status to opposition, cancellation of benefits and people’s deputy immunity, deprivation of people’s deputy mandate of those who violated promises to people and issue on simplification of referendum procedure..

Tymoshenko reminded that at that time BYuT worked out draft changes to the Constitution concerning cancellation of people’s deputy immunity. “129 people’s deputies from BYuT faction put signatures for these changes but we did not get support from other people’s deputies. I forwarded letters to factions leaders, including Yanukovych,” she stressed. She promised to show these letters during nearest TV air.

Since tomorrow throughout the whole Ukraine we set tents with agitation production. People will be given special informative booklets with explanation of pros and cons of this or that governing form. Work will be held on high organizational level,” she said.

At that Tymoshenko noted that Ukrainian must not only propose changes to the Constitution but to vote for them. “That’s why text of new Constitution must be adopted at the National referendum. All citizens of Ukraine but not only 300 people’s deputies must create new Constitution,” she stressed.

Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that she would support that form of governing the people will chose. She also addressed all TV channels to conduct TV debates concerning new version of the Constitution.


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