People, who escorted train with phosphorus tanks that derailed in Lviv region, had heard some clap before accident happened. Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky said yesterday at a briefing.

According to him, escorted people from Kazakhstan heard some clap, than looked out of the window and saw the tanks derailed.

At that Rudkovsky noted that other escorted people – citizens of Ukraine also heard some clap. He noted that clap cause will be identified on the results of commissions after they investigated all carts on which tanks with phosphorus were and valves that regulated pressure rate in tanks.

The Minister also noted that railway route through which the train run, was in satisfied condition. In particular it was planned to open speed train service on this part of railway by the end of this year. Moreover, this part of route was checked some days before the accident. Nevertheless, Rudkovsky noted that it is necessary to check and investigate the place of accident, but now the passage to it is restricted.


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