Dear Friends!
I cordially greet you with the 17-th anniversary of the day of the state sovereignty of Ukraine proclamation.

Unfortunately, today only political analysts and journalists remember this day; it has not become a state holiday.

But I am sure that neither today’s nor future generations have a right to forget the event which became the forerunner of independence, a historical milestone in the fight of Ukrainian people for freedom.

Acceptance by the parliament of the Declaration „About state sovereignty of Ukraine” took place under dramatic circumstances. Do you remember how it happened? Kyiv, Soviet Union, pro-communistic majority „239” in the Supreme Soviet. In Moscow rebels were preparing for GKCHP putsch. And then, when, it seemed, all circumstances were against our people, Ukraine declared about its sovereignty. In Kyiv, on Khreschatyk for the first time blue and yellow flag fluttered as a symbol of freedom and independence.

Then Ukraine won. That was the beginning of new epoch. Though anti-Ukrainian forces which voted in the parliament were managed by fear, though they intended to reserve the power, against that intention of political dinosaurs of the past our political command has been fighting for more than ten years. And this fight in independent Ukraine leads to the real sovereignty, proclaimed in the Declaration.

I wish sincerely the anniversary of the state sovereignty proclamation inspired you for new victories, for the creation of mighty independent country! And although this day is not a state holiday, I greet you, because this is the holiday for everyone who believes in Ukraine and loves it.
Yulia Tymoshenko
Article is provided by Yulia Tymoshenko press service

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