On Monday at 16.55 p.m 15 tanks with yellow phosphorus of freight train were derailed in Lviv region. Tanks were transported from Kazakhstan to Poland.

Because of leakage of phosphorus from one of the tanks, spontaneous combustion of six tanks occurred. As a result of accident 50 meters of railways, 100 meters of contact network and three poles were damaged.  Firefighters put out fire after a train derailed. Fire was liquidated at 22.29 p.m. Zone of lesions is 90 km 2. There are 14 population districts with 11 thousand of people in affected territory.

16 people were poisoned with combustion gases. 13 of them were taken to the medical center, UNIAN informs.
Regional commission for emergency situations held an emergency meeting.

Oksana Mariskevych Director of Carpathian Ecology institute stated that it is necessary to evacuate people from surrounded areas. Phosphorus fumes can negatively affect people.

Meanwhile Lviv authorities called people not to panic.

“There are no threats for environment and people,” deputy head of Lviv region Mykola Horyn said, calling mass media not to spread information about “Second Chernobyl”.

Prosecutor General’s Office instituted legal proceeding. The cause of the accident is being investigated..


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