Deputy Head of the President’s Secretariat, representative of the President of Ukraine in the Constitutional Court and in the Central Election Commission Maryna Stavniychuk claimed that other additional decrees of the President on early elections holding on September 30 are not of any need. Stavniychuk said in an interview to journalists on Monday in Kyiv.

According to her, the CEC and other power organs in Ukraine must follow all the President’s decrees, including the decree concerning the authority of CEC on election process ensuring.

Earlier, member of the CEC Olexander Chupahin stated that the CEC couldn’t hold the early elections in Ukraine because of the absence of the President’s decree on the VRU dismissal.

“I think that by these comments some CEC members exeed their authorities,” Stavniychuk emphasized.

Stavniychuk hopes that “all the organs in the State will follow regulations of the Constitution, the laws and the corresponding President’s decrees on the early elections”.


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