The CEC member Olexander Chupakhin considers that the CEC cant hold early parliamentary elections in Ukraine because there is no President’s decree on VRU dissolution.

“I have not seen either decision or decree of the President on VRU dissolution. I dont have any grounds to speak that early elections will be held in Ukraine,” he said today in Kyiv at the round table “Technology peculiarities of early parliamentary elections in Ukraine. However, he noted that it is his own position, but not of the whole CEC.

According to him, even taking into consideration the President’s decree on elections on September 30, term of 60 days, dedicated for elections conduct, expires on August 5. September 30 is 120 days term that is given for ordinary elections conduct.

He also noted that there may be problems with formation of district election commissions that are formed from representatives of parliamentary factions. According to him, as People’s deputies of BYuT and OU have resigned, their leaders cant sign documents on delegation of representatives to election commissions.

President signed some decrees of VRU dissolution. Later they were cancelled. By his last decree the President appoints elections on September 30, but this decree has nothing with VRU dissolution.


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