There political parties and blocs would have won at early parliamentary elections in case they take place now. The results of the social poll, conducted by Center of social information technologies “Social Perspective”.

Answering the question “in case elections take place today for whom you will vote”, 26.2% surveyed people would give their votes for Party of Regions, 23.1% - for BYuT, 13% - for “Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc. CPU also has not bad chances to overcome 3% barrier to get to parliament. 2.7% of people would vote for CPU.

SPU would get only 1.1%. 4.7% would vote against all parties. 12% would not go to elections at all. 11.2% have not decided yet whom to vote for.

Taking into account these data, “oranges” in total will have the majority than PR and CPU.

But it is too early to make conclusions as all parties have electors reserves by means of those people who have not decided yet for whom to vote.

Survey was held on July 5-10 in all regions of Ukraine. 2400 people were surveyed.


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