Political crisis, taking place in Ukraine, has an objective character. Famous Russian oligarch Borys Berezovsky stated on Thursday during the television space bridge at ForUm.

“This is a crisis of democratic development,” he explained.

Berezovsky considers that “nobody can stop this process”.

According to oligarch, “vector” by which Ukraine goes forward is strictly designated. “This is the vector of political transformation,” Berezovsky emphasized.

He is assured Ukraine will overcome political crisis. According to him, if Yushchenko earlier had “necessary will”, the events would develop in another way after the orange revolution. Berezovsky considers that only the President can give an answer whether the early elections take place on September 30.

Speaking about his financing of Ukrainian parties at the elections, he noted: “I do not finance any political force in Ukraine at the moment”. Berezovsky added that any interference from the side can influence the natural development of Ukraine.


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