Emergency Minister Nestor Shufrych admitted yesterday in an interview that he does not support wide coalition, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

“I consider that any power, despite its colour, must prove by its work and effectiveness that it unites the country. Artificially, compulsory union by means of wide coalition will be mistaken decision and it will not bring positive effect. But successful government that solves urgent questions has a real support from the whole country. I will not be surprised if people say that “politicians do not wear vyshyvanka (national embroidery shirt) but raise salaries, pensions for people and do everything for people’s welfare”. This power will be supported,” Shufrych said.

As to future PM, he expressed a hope that Yanukovych will keep to obtain this post after elections. “In case there are no elections – I want to believe in this, the PM will be the same, if they are, I am convinced there will be no replacement of PM,” he stressed.

Speaking about “Our Ukraine”- People’s Self-Defense” bloc and its first number in election list Yury Lutsenko, Shufrych said: “It is inner business of OU. I am glad for Lutsenko, but I rather refrain from commentaries as it must be confirmed at the congress. Let Lutsenko be approved the first number in the election list, then I will comment on it


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