President Viktor Yushchenko and László Sólyom of Hungary have signed a Memory Declaration in Budapest to honor the secretly buried victims of World War II.

Yushchenko said: “We share the desire to turn the tragic pages of history, including those of our common history,” President’s press office informs.

He gave Sólyom a declassified list of Ukraine’s 18 graves of military captives, containing 1,184 names, and a list of the 3,000 Hungarians detained by the Soviet police during the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and sent to Ukrainian prisons. Sólyom gave Yushchenko a list of the Soviet soldiers killed in Hungary.

The two leaders thenattended a ceremony to signfour Ukrainian-Hungarian agreements:

 - Protocol on the Exchange of the Credentials on the Ratification of the Documents on the Demarcation of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Border (signed by Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk);

 - Protocol for the Technical Implementation of the Agreement Between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Hungarian Republic to Preserve and Honor the Graves of the Military and Civilian War Victims and on the Status of the November 16/1996 Graves (signed by Vitaly Kazakevych, Secretary of the State Commission to Honor the Victims of War and Political Repressions);

 - Cooperation Agreement Between the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts;

 - Cooperation Agreement Between the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and the Hungarian Academy of Arts (signed by Andriy Chebykin, President of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts).


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