First vice Prime Minister, Finance Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov is not satisfied with the meeting of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko with the representatives of the domestic business, which took place on July 4. “I wouldn’t hold these meetings of business with the country’s Government,” Azarov stated on air on the First National channel on July 8.

First of all, such meetings must be finished with the concrete decisions. “If we speak about the legislation, we must know that these of those draft bills are submitted for consideration at the meeting and we decided these or those bills to send to the VRU and then to adopt…” Azarov thinks.

“And to speak “about life” that we have political corruption and at the same time do not show any facts, the empowered persons do not have the right. If you know that there is a political corruption – show the fact that this or that People’s deputy took a bribe and he is punished. Then there is a sense. But to speak about what the housewives and common people speak, the empowered persons do not have the right,” Azarov is convinced.


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