The PA OSCE adopted a Declaration and the Resolutions in conclusion of its 16th Annual Session which took place in Kyiv on July 5-9, Cabinet’s press office informs.

The summing-up Declaration is concerned with the political issues and security, in particular, energy security, and the situation in Belarus, issues of economy and science, technology and the environment as well as democracy, human rights, and humanitarian affairs.

Among the most important decisions, adopted at the session in Kyiv, are a Resolution on Conflict Regulation in the OSCE region, which underlines the importance of negotiating process and participation by all sides for the sake of ultimate regulation of conflicts. The document also emphasizes that the OSCE supports all efforts aimed at securing peaceful regulation of 'frozen' conflicts in Moldova and Georgia proceeding from the principles of those countries' territorial integrity.

Also adopted were the resolutions on banning cluster bombs, the strategy of environmental security, the strengthening of OSCE cooperation with international and national human rights organizations, and the enhancing of counteraction to trafficking in humans in the OSCE region.


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