President Viktor Yushchenko has refused to predict what political parties will form Ukraine’s future parliamentary coalition, calling it a “merely technical issue.”

“Today I am not one of those politicians who would like to predict the contours of our future coalition majority. I think it would be better to ask what priorities and values will make its members join their efforts,” he told reporters in Donetsk on Friday, the President's press office reported.

Yushchenko said those who had formed the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense democratic bloc yesterday apparently knew what principles they would uphold. “I can say with confidence what priorities have united Ukraine’s democratic forces. I will campaign for these priorities, trying to persuade each of you to follow them, if you want to be Europeans, enjoy high living standards, have a competitive economy and developed humanitarian and social spheres,” he said. “I am convinced there must be such a coalition.”

The President described the country’s September 30 snap elections as “the Rubicon showing the clarity of our intentions.” “These are the conclusions and lessons all the political forces should make and learn after those shameful events in the Ukrainian parliament.”


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