The Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko is getting better and he can come back to Kyiv on July 9, according to his lawyer Tetyana Montyan, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

According to Montyan the information published in Mass Media about the Minister’s recurrent infarctions postpone his return date was a “complete nonsense”.

“Vasyl Tsushko has attacks periodically but the doctors say that it is a normal process during rehabilitation”, she said.

“Tsushko was expected to come back to Kyiv on June 26, but he had an attack again. It repeated last Saturday on June 30. But it was not a heart attack. It is nonsense”, she emphasized.

Montyan noted that Tsushko is going to come to Kyiv on July 9.

There is also information from the SPU People’s deputy Yevhen Filindash that Tsushko has already changed a few clinics in Germany and his state remains unstable.

Montyan stated that Tsushko was likely poisoned and was threatened by President’s people just before the worsening of his health.

President’s Secretariat denied these accusations and called them provocations.


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