1724 expatriates from Ukraine have already received an official status of foreign Ukrainians. The press service of the Foreign Ministry reported.

In particular, according to the press service, on July 5 at the VI session of the National commission on foreign Ukrainians questions it was made a decision to give 121 countrymen the status of foreign Ukrainians.

According to the law, adopted in 2004, a person, pretending to receive foreign Ukrainian status, must have Ukrainian roots and to admit Ukraine as a county of his or her origin.

The license of foreign Ukrainian gives the right to obtain a free multiple visa to Ukraine for the period of 5 years without an invitation and with the possible term prolongation.

Persons who will have the status of foreign Ukrainians can realize their activity in Ukraine as the Ukrainian citizens, except for the constitutional activity, “UNIAN” reports.

The commission can also deprive of the status foreign Ukrainian if a person decided to obtain this status with a purpose of speculative activity.


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