President Viktor Yushchenko on Wednesday met with Ukraine’s business leaders and said Ukrainian business was now “more resistant to political shocks and less affected by political problems,” President’s press office informs.

Yushchenko said their “formula of growth, formula of progress” depended on the country’s political stability and favorable investment climate. He said it was important to build effective cooperation between Government and business and have fair budget policies. “We have a colossal need for such a dialogue,” he said.

Yushchenko described early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, scheduled to be held on September 30, as an opportunity to defuse the country’s long-lasting political crisis and “learn lessons which Ukrainian society needs.”

The President called on the business leaders to unite to resolve Ukraine’s economic problems and “jointly draft laws, urge their passage in parliament and implement them.”

Yushchenko said Ukraine needs a new tax code to reduce taxes. He added that it was also important to prevent business raids and stage fair and transparent privatizations.


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