Ambassador of the USA to Ukraine considers political crisis in Ukraine have been already solved.

“I think political crisis in Ukraine have been already solved. There is an agreement between the President, the PM, and the speaker. They have decided how to step further and have decided to hold the elections in the end of September. I hope these agreements to be fulfilled, new government will be formed and people can see it stable and working,” Taylor said in an interview to BBC.

Answering the question what he thinks about the President’s ideas to change the Constitution and to form the bicameral parliament, the ambassador told: “Foreigners can’t give advices to Ukrainians how to organize their system of government. We can only share our observations on what happens in your country. The bicameral parliament was a compromise for our problems solution… And Ukraine should decide whether it has the same problems, that once led the USA to the compromise, and whether Ukraine is more close to unitarian government, as for example, in France”.


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