Ex President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma does not exclude that in 2010 there will be early parliamentary and presidential elections. He said today in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

Kuchma considers that early elections scheduled for September 30, 2007 will solve crisis “not totally”. Some politicians follow only one goal: to return the power.. Moreover it is done under Constitution violations. I think the whole elite will stay at their places, and political forces will be the same we have now,” Kuchma said.

The question is: “Where is the way out? In new elections, Kuchma noted.

“Early elections can be expected in 2010. It is necessary to elect new parliament and new President –on the basis of new Constitution in case it will be adopted,” he considered.

“But I stand for parliamentary-presidential system to remain, it is only necessary to overcome current confrontations,” he added.


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