President Viktor Yushchenko is scheduled to meet with Ukraine’s business leaders on Wednesday, July 4,his first deputy chief of staff, Oleksandr Shlapak, has said, according to the President's press office.

Shlapak said such annual meetings were aimed at building effective cooperation between Government and business and improving the country’s business climate. They are going to discuss tax reform and how to protect property rights and prevent business raids, he added.

“Big business is one of the important factors that affects, first of all, economic stability in the state and so one should not underestimate the importance of productive cooperation between business leaders and Government and their compromise on key issues,” he said. “The president also believes that another important mission of big business is to assist in Ukraine’s small and medium businesses development.”

Victor Yushchenko, Vyacheslav Bohuslayev (Motor-Sich), Tariel Vasadze (Ukravto), Ihor Voronin (UkrGazEnergo), Kostyantyn Zhevago (Financy i kredyt), Vadym Novinsky (Inhuletsky GZK), Lev Partzkhaladze (XXI Century), Oleksiy Poroshenko (Ukrprominvest), Oleksandr Slobodyan (Obolon), Serhiy Taruta (Industrial Union of Donbass), Serhiy Tigipko (TAS), Borys Tymonkin (Ukrsotsbank), Viktor Topolov (Kyiv-Donbass) and other businessmen are expected to sign a memorandum on cooperation after the meeting.


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