BYuT expresses indignation concerning the barbarian elimination of cultural life in the capital of Ukraine by mayor Chernovetskiy and controlled majority in Kyiv city council, Yulia Tymoshenko press service reported.

"Actually the clan of Chernovetskiy started cheeky and impertinent raid at capital artists. We fully understand the disturbance of artists with the current situation. With all the responsibility we declare that they are taken under our guardianship and will be provided with necessary legal, political and information support", - BYuT statement says.

After the letter of artists to the country’s political leaders, BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko had conducted a meeting where it was decided that Volodymyr Yavorivskiy would take care of the problem.

"We declare that we will do our best to prevent every gallery, every cultural establishment of Kyiv from the raids of vandals of Kyiv mayor", - underlines Yulia Tymoshenko bloc.


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