The VRU chairman Olexander Moroz called initiative of the President Viktor Yushchenko, concerning new Constitution, judicial formation of the dictatorship.

“This is judicial formation of the dictatorship, movement of the “monarchy”, it is a movement to Europe with head turned backward,” it is said in the statement of Moroz, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

Moroz also called Yushchenko’s initiative “dictator’s attempts” and now it becomes obvious that Yushchenko intends to obtain more power than Kuchma had. “But with what purpose? A year and a half of Yushchenko’s power did not show any positive improvement from the President,” Moroz said.

“I was abused for my betrayal as nobody else. Take away this word from those who blame me and you will see they have nothing except it. Meanwhile, the SPU did not change its principles and obligations and stick to them,” he stressed.

Moroz also addressed to the President: “After the above-mentioned information, give me the answer who is a betrayer in fact? Who refuses his obligations and guarantees? Who violates the Constitution and laws? There may be plenty of such questions, but the only one answer…”

“People, think! Too much is on the stake of fraud concerning you and the state,” Moroz said in his statement.

As a reminder, Yushchenko initiates Ukrainian referendum concerning new Constitution.


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