There are false telephone conversations records between the President Vikotr Yushchenko and the BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko in Internet.

Telephone conversations of the first officials of the states are observed in Internet with much popularity. Last week conversation records between Ukrainian politicians appeared in Internet. Voices in the conversation are much similar to those Yushchenko and Tymoshenko have.

In that conversation Yushchenko abuses Tymoshenko for an interview she gave to BBC. At that Tymoshenko does not know what interview the matter concerns

Yushchenko insulted Tymoshenko and called her to work according to conscience but not to strive for “f***ing presidency.

This conversation contributed to rough reaction of the supporters and opponents of “oranges” parties. Next day the BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko gave a press conference and said that this conversation is a fake.

“There were no such conversation between me and the President. Moreover, there is no interview to BBC I gave and to talk about it. I think it is a start of dirty election campaign,” she said.


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