UAH 4.2 bn ($1 US worth 5.05 UAH) will be allotted from the State budget by the end of 2007 to launch the second stage of the Single tariff scale implemented in Ukraine since June 1, the Cabinet’s press office informs.

In particular, the budget sphere employees' salaries will rise by an average of 183 UAH or 33.5 percent in the current year (from UAH 547 in January to UAH 730 in December 2007), and such categories as doctors and teachers will get a salary increase of UAH 239, or over 37 percent. For instance, the average salary of a doctor will rise from UAH 840 in January to UAH 1146 in October this year.

For the first time in 11 years, starting from May 1, the salaries of certain categories of educational workers have grown due to increased extra payments and bonuses. In total, UAH 201.1 mn will be directed to increase salaries of educational workers, especially employees of orphanages.

At the same time, the fixed salaries (base wage rates) of all budget-sphere employees see a 5 percent rise from April 1, 4.8 percent rise from June 1, and 4.5 percent rise from October 1. The overall increase compared to December last year is 15 percent. Thus the salary and wage increase will compensate twofold for the estimated inflation rate in 2007 (when drawing up the budget for this year, the Government envisioned inflation at 7.5 percent).

Introduction of a full-fledged Single tariff scale starting from 2008 is one of the demands of President Viktor Yushchenko, which he made clear when presenting his social initiatives on June 22. If the scale is implemented, the budget-sphere employees' salaries will grow nearly 58 percent, in particular, school teachers are to get from UAH 1055 to UAH 1360, and surgeons from UAH 1170 to 1550 monthly. According to the president, a fair wage and salary policy will thus be implemented.


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