The important course of development of parliamentarianism may be formation in Ukraine of bicameral parliament. The deputy head of the President’s Secretariat Ihor Pushkin said that in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

He noted that bicameral parliament in itself is not a sign of federal regime in the state. The experience of Poland or France can be an example of it.

“Two chambers in the parliament are the highest level of professionalism in work of the parliament due to two-stage system of laws adoption,” he noted.

He explained: “People’s deputies are elected for shorter period in the lower chamber in comparison to upper chamber. It gives possibility to strengthen responsibility of the political parties before the people. On the other hand, longer term of the People’s deputies’ work in the upper chamber gives them possibility to obtain experience to strengthen parliament role in the foreign policy and national security sphere.”
Pushkin also noted that parliament as well as the power on the whole is “imprint” of society. “Integrity and effectiveness of all bodies and branches of power much depend on unity of Ukrainian society, on success of formation of modern Ukrainian nation. Constitution must define role and task of the country in formation and strengthening of Ukrainian identity, its cultural and political constituent parts, historical memory and implementation of Ukrainian and at the same time European values among which are respect to human dignity, freedom, equality, justice and solidarity, “ he said.

He also noted that one of the major tasks of the VRU will be development of Constitutional reform by means of adoption of “constitutional” laws, in particular on the VRU, Cabinet, CCU, PGO and many others.

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