President Viktor Yushchenko on Wednesday hosted a reception for military and law enforcement school graduates, President’s press office informs.

“You are facing a promising professional path,” he said in a speech. “Your mission to build the Ukrainian state is unique.”

Yushchenko said patriotism was the “source of worthy military service to defend the country’s interests.” “I am convinced that our military officers form their professional welfare and conscientious position on this thesis.”

The President said it was important to reform the national army, expressing confidence it would become professional in two years, and added that more and more professional officers enrolled in the armed forces and law enforcement bodies. “This is one of the ways for the state to approach soldiers and officers with honesty, appreciate their work and create a high social status for this profession. We are harmonizing these relations now and I am convinced you will be the kernel of Ukraine’s professional army.”

Yushchenko said his government had been increasing military spending over the past two years, “appreciating the role of the army in the life of our society.” “The state must pay back its debtsto the military.”

“I am convinced we will see a better and different Ukrainian army when you join it,” he said and then presented presents to the graduates.


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