Recent events concerning Central Election Commission cause alarm, as assignation of its members to regions in accordance with political parties leads to confrontation at institutional level, the representative of the President in the CEC Maryna Stavniychuk told yesterday, commenting on CEC session where decision to assign CEC members to regions was made .

According to Stavniychuk, CEC should be formed in accordance with professionalism but not with party quotas. At the same time, within political structurization of the CEC, the coalition representatives obtained control over regions where about 70% of people are registered.

According to Stavniychuk, it can be estimated by opposition as way of manipulations and falsifications. She considers that there should be balance and cross control in the question on assignation of responsibility to regions between CEC members, otherwise mutual trust will come to zero.

She noted that according to the President, it is enough that there is political confrontation at the political elite level. It is dangerous to transfer political confrontation to the authority that defines results of the people’s will during elections.


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