Oleksandr Shlapak, President Victor Yushchenko’s first deputy chief of staff and representative to the Cabinet of Ministers, has described a recent ruling by the Economic Court of Kyiv to rescind the Luganskteplovoz privatization contract as impartial and fair. Shlapak said on Tuesday the ruling showed that the privatization sphere was in deep crisis because of the ineffective management by the State Property Fund. He said the State Property Fund “has benefited from political turmoil and made a few decisions that might worsen the investment climate and cause much financial damage.”

Shlapak said Yushchenko had appealed to the prosecutor general’s office to find out whether the State Property Fund had adhered to the country’s laws when selling Luganskteplovoz and other state companies, like Lvivprylad. The Prosecutor General’s Office has concluded that the State Property Fund had no reasons to bar Ukrainian companies from participating in the Luganskteplovoz auction, he added, President's press office reported.

Shlapak insisted that those in charge of that privatization must be prosecuted.


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