The Government should express its point of view concerning the existing problems in Ukraine before the last session of the VRU of the 5th convocation closing. Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych told that at the Cabinet of Minister’s session, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“That’s why till the end of that day all the propositions must be worked out and given to the Prime Minister’s office. We will focus on these issues,” the Head of the Government told.

Yanukovych reminded that the Constitution’s Day is celebrated on June 28, “which is, unfortunately, is not fulfilled”. “But it is a holiday. Several days will be days off, and that’s why a festive mood must be made for people,” the PM noted.

He addressed a request to vice Prime Minister Viktor Kuzmuck and the Security Service to organize measures in order to provide safety in the country during the holiday.

He also charged Humanitarian Minister Volodymyr Tabachnyck to provide the cultural measures organization, which had been planned for this holiday.


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