Speaker Oleksandr Moroz’s actions are liable to criminal charges, Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha said on Monday. “There isenough legal evidence to claim that Mr. Moroz has been abusing authority since June 2, when parliament lost its powers. This crime is described in detail in article 364 of the Criminal Code and is defined as use of power by an official which seriously harms the country’s interests…,” he said, adding that such actions could result in imprisonment for up to eight yearsand a ban for such an official to be appointed to certain posts for three years, President's press office reported.

Baloha said Our Ukraine and BYuT had held conventions on June 2 to submit their resignations. Having fewer than 300 legislators, the Verkhovna Rada is illegitimate, according to article 82 of the constitution and the October 17/2002 ruling by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, as well as its speaker, he said. However, Moroz continues to convene and chair sessions of the illegitimate Verkhovna Rada in defiance of the constitution. The Verkhovna Rada under Moroz passes some important laws affecting both the state and its people. Although these laws are not valid, Moroz signs and seals them and then sends them to different institutions, initiating“a chain reaction of illegal decisions which have extremely negative legal, social, material and other consequences.” Baloha added that the illegitimate Rada had dismissed and appointed judges, which poses a threat to justice because the legality of their rulings is doubtful.

“He abuses authority deliberately and consciously,” he said, adding that Moroz’s only goal was to “upset early parliamentary elections.”

Baloha said he had sent a letter to Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko with a request to study these facts and take adequate measures.

“The issue is very serious, as it affects the whole country, not only Moroz. The prosecutor general’s office has the full arsenal of instruments to access Moroz’s activity. It is important to discard the political component of the issue but ensure the rule of law.”


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