On June 26, 2007 about 300-400 people (Ukrainians, foreigners, famous persons of Ukraine) will hold the procession from Maydan Nezalezhnosti to the President’s of Ukraine Secretariat on the eve of the Constitution’s Day in order to attract attention to rude fundamental human rights violation and on purpose to be free of racial discrimination.

The participants of this action will give to the President of Ukraine, who is a guarantor of the Constitution, an Application with the demand to pay attention to the human rights violation in Ukraine, especially to the frequent cases of racial discrimination and intolerances, that have became the common cases recently.

The aim of the participants is not only to attract attention of the Ukrainian President but also to remind all, as well as officials, about the inadmissibility of the fundamental human rights violation, and that Ukraine should fulfill its international obligations.

These measures and campaign were organized by a non-governmental organization SOS-Racism. The SOS-Racism organization was formed only with a purpose to resist the development of racism and xenophobia in Ukraine, by carrying out public campaigns and measures.


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