Citizens of the Russian Federations, having been proclaimed as personas non grata in Ukraine, can come to Ukraine and correspondingly Ukrainian citizens, having been proclaimed as personas non grata in Russia, can come to Russia. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk told that at a press conference in Odesa.

“We will let citizens of Russia, who had been included in a so-called list of the forbidden persons, on the territory of Ukraine. Russians also make concessions and they will also let in, but it is necessary to understand that Ukraine will not be able to waive its interests,” Yatsenyuk told.

According to him, in Ukraine “the final formula to citizens of foreign countries, whom the entrance to Ukraine is forbidden, has been already elaborated”. If these citizens to do something contradictory to the Ukrainian law, offending Ukrainian State and people, Ukraine will react in a corresponding way, as it is foreseen by the international agreements and the interior legislation.

The Minister noted that the final decision on that formula is being discussed together with the Security Service of Ukraine.


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