Chairman of the VRU considers the President’s accusations of the agreement on the early elections breakdown have no bases. He stated that on Friday in his interview to journalists, commenting a corresponding statement of the President of Ukraine on this case.

He noted the corresponding President’s decree can be characterized from different point of views. “But I do not intend to do this, because every person is responsible fro his or her own words,” Moroz told.

The speaker of the VRU noted the President of Ukraine by making such statements should to name the exact examples of the agreement breakdown. “I didn’t block the CEC and the CCU, and I didn’t interfere in the work of the law enforcement bodies,” he told.

Moroz noted that he made all the necessary work, needed for the parliament. In particular, he read out the applications on the People’s deputies resignations.

“What else must be done in order to be so, as it is needed for the state and society, but not to the concrete official?” the VRU speaker asked. That’s why according to Moroz, he doesn’t understand the accusations of Viktor Yushchenko.


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