The tone, style and vocabulary of recent remarks by the speaker of the dissolved Verkhovna Rada show that Olexander Moroz has gone astray in objective reality and is a weak politician, Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha has said.

“The evident nervousness of his verbal attacks displays his anxiety and lack of confidence in his political prospects. He is trying to have a dialogue with the President, but he is too nervous and so his comments are, to be polite, impetuous.”

Baloha said President Yushchenko’s appeal to parliamentary forces to repeal legislative immunity was aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s parliamentary system.

“The Verkhovna Rada is not an armor of impunity. The People’s deputies’ status cannot be a five-year license to do what one wishes. […] The President does not want the mandate to allow its holder to do outrageous things. The people understand it and support the Presidential initiative to repeal legislative immunity.”

Baloha said all laws passed after June 2 would be sent back to the Verkhovna Rada. “There are no legal reasons to consider these documents because there is no legitimate parliament of the fifth convocation,” he said, adding that Moroz thus had no right to sign these laws and urging law enforcement bodies to study and react to these facts. The President’s press office informs.


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