The CPU People’s deputy Olexander Holub is convinced that the President Viktor Yushchenko must be the first who is deprived of immunity. He told in an interview to the ForUm’s correspondent.

According to Holub, the President is insincere in his statement as to introduce changes to the Constitution concerning status of the People’s deputy it is necessary 300 votes of the People’s deputies in the parliament which is admitted illegal by the President. That’s why, according to Holub, any declarations and statements on this issue are mere populism.

According to Holub, there are 42 thousand officials in Ukraine who have benefits and privileges. They are Cabinet, President’s Secretariat, NSDC, Prosecutors General, judges. People’s deputies are 450. So in case to repeal benefits it is necessary to do so for every official,” he said.

The first step to repeal benefits would be a nice wish of the President to refuse expensive guard and cars. Yushchenko could have refused his cottage houses in Crimea and granted them to children,” Holub said.

According to Holub, Yushchenko’s statement on repeal of People’s deputies immunity is only election campaign of his political party.


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