The bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko declares that present bread crisis scheme is the classic scheme of profiteers operating in the grain market.

"Firstly Yanukovych Government grants licenses to close business structures which buy up bread from peasants, then - announces bread catastrophe (as it happened during the last meeting of Cabinet). In reply, monopolists rise prices. It is a classic scheme of speculations in the grain market. Only one conclusion can be made – the crisis is artificial,” –BYuT statement says promulgated on Wednesday on Yulia Tymoshenko site.

In BYuT opinion "Party of Regions tries to accuse opposition of the bread crisis as it understands that only Government is completely responsible for the situation".

"Smart dealers from this Government gained total control over the grain market. In particular, Mykhaylo Tabachnyk is the proprietor of the biggest grain enterprises in the South and East of Ukraine ("Mykolayivkhlib", "Odessa karavay", "Ukragroleasing" etc) - brother of the humanitarian Vice-premier in the Government of Yanukovych", - the document notes.

"Another structure, "System Capital Management", the founder of which is Renat Akhmetov, spreads press-releases inforing about his noninvolvement in bread business. However, shares of bakery integrated works ("Donetsk bakery integrated works №1" Jsc, "Gorlivskyi bakery integrated works" Jsc, "Mariupol bakery integrated works” Jsc.etc) are passed to the enterprise situated at the address if the founder", - BYuT specifies.

BYuT also adds that "from frauds in the grain market also suffered residents of the cities, because increase of the price for the most available bread, which for some people, unfortunately, is the only food, struck the least protected citizens: pensioners, students, poor families".

BYuT requires to dismiss the directors of those bakery integrated works "where the cost of bread is increased even by a copeck".

"Those, who picks the pockets of citizens and thus earns millions, should be dismissed, regardless of their closeness to any political force", - BYuT marks in the statement.

BYuT requires from the Government to halt immediately the growth of prices for bread, and from the National Security and Defense Council and President to react properly for the Cabinet inactivity.


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