My fellow citizens,

Today I have officially appealedto political forces to pledge to repeal unlimited legislative immunity. This is the most important remedy to heal the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Parliament is for making laws, not for hiding from them. It is time we put an end to immunity abuses. Society is tired of seeing blatant impunity and superiority over the law and the people. The repeal of absolute legislative immunity is a key to uproot parliamentary corruption. It is a step towards changes. It is a real action to normalize the country’s political life.

Our goal is achievable and practical. Its fulfillment fully depends on how conscientious our politicians are. My initiative has sprung from the most sincere expectations of Ukrainian voters. They demand that each of us must be equal before the law.

I have not left statements by the opponents of my position unnoticed and so I am calling on them not to politicize the issue. I have been surprised to learn Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych calls it populism. Over the past several years, we have heard many times about the need to limit legislative immunity. I expect his political force to turn back to such an approach. I expect my initiative to be supported by all responsible political parties and each parliamentary candidate.

Their public pledge to repeal legislative immunity is the moment of truth. The voter will then be able to make certain the intentions of politicians are sincere.

The time for discussions has passed. There will be real changes in Ukraine. We are proceeding from declarations to real actions. Thank you for your attention. President's press office reported.


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