The VRU chairman Olexander Moroz calls the President Viktor Yushchenko “the most Constitution infringer”, but considers that today the President is not facing impeachment. He told today at the press conference in Zhytomyr region, the ForUm’s correspondent informed.

Moroz noted that the President vetoed law concerning impeachment procedure not accidentally. “All ex and current Presidents vetoed this law and I am concerned about it,” Moroz said.

Moroz noted that impeachment procedure can’t be realized today.

Moroz also stressed that the President must sign laws adopted by the VRU. According to him, there are some other ways of influence on the President concerning signature of these laws. Moroz noted about judicial responsibility for non fulfillment of obligations. “The President has no grounds not to sign these laws,” he said. According to Moroz, refusal to sign laws means to refuse to fulfill his duties and functions foreseen by the Constitution.


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