Mykola Melnychenko, the ex major of the State security service, has accused the President’s Secretariat of disrupting investigatory actions on journalist Georgy Gongadze murder case.

"An investigatory action, given by the Prosecutor General's Office, which could prove my evidence in the investigation of the criminal case on the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, has been in impudent way disrupted by the Secretariat of the President, it is said in the Melnychenko’s statement.

In particular Melnychenko noted that experts, witnesses and others were invited for 10:00 today. At 09:40, an investigator of the Prosecutor General's Office informed about the cancellation of the investigatory action.

“I consider actions of Secretariat’s chief Viktor Baloha are aimed not only at failure of investigative action but at breakdown of the whole investigation.

Melnychenko expresses his regret that the Prosecutor General's Office cannot resist to the Secretariat.


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