On June 19 Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev held a session with expert-analytical group for issues on functioning oil and oil products market and development of oil-refining industry, the Cabinet's press office informs.

Having listened to the report of Minister of Fuel and Energy Yuriy Boyko and considered the situation in oil products market, the forecast of its development and pricing policy in the regions (in particular, it concerned the Kyiv, Donetsk regions and the AR of Crimea with the highest fuel prices in Ukraine) jointly with the companies of the domestic oil and oil products market of the state, it was decided by the end of the quarter and before the beginning of the next one to establish prices not exceeding: 4.60 UAH per liter of A-95 gasoline; 4 UAH per liter of diesel oil.

Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev commissioned the secretariat of the expert-analytical group to continue preparation of the decade balance bulletins of oil products resources and prices for basic types of gasoline and diesel oil and provide the expert-analytical group with respective information with the purpose of preventing negative tendencies in the oil products market.

The session also concerned consideration of package of bills promoting reconstruction, modernization and building of new facility of the petroleum refineries and preparation for introducing new state petrol standards satisfying the requirements of Euro-3. The members of the expert-analytical group discussed building of new facility of the petroleum refineries providing oil products production the quality of which would meet the requirements of new standards and creation of the conditions for producing mix petrol and biofuel in Ukraine.


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