President Viktor Yushchenko on Tuesday said frozen conflicts in GUAM member states should be settled through political dialogue and that this issue was important on GUAM’s agenda, the President’s press office informs.

“The role of political dialogue…in this issue is crucial,” he said at a press conference in Baku. “We must inform all the sides of such conflicts, as well as society, about our common vision of the frozen conflicts problem so that nobody could think about how to resolve them differently.”

Speaking about GUAM’s activities in this area, Yushchenko said participants of the Baku summit had discussed plans to establish peacekeeping troops to resolve these conflicts. “If there is political support and if there is a political decision and our discussions end positively, we will act in line with the OSCE or UN Security Council mandate.”

“The conflicts we call frozen today pose a great threat to stability,” he said, adding that their settlement was “one of the most significant issues for GUAM’s strategic development.”

Besides, Viktor Yushchenko will take part in GUAM’s transportation projects. “We believe that Ukraine is interested in implementing the projects to build railroads to Georgia and Turkey because it can use its capabilities,” he said, adding that the country could build such roads, supply equipment, metals, etc. The president said construction of a railroad connecting Baku (Azerbaijan), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Kars (Turkey) would help create new transportation alternatives in the region.


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